Andy Partridge


Andy Partridge Desk

Andy Partridge, ex-XTC guitarist, commissioned Noiz Electronics in May 2006 to completely refurbish his home recording studio.

The project included:

  • A Quad 2.5 Gig G5 Mac upgrade with 8 gig RAM
  • 2 x Apogee AD8000 interfaces integrated via a Symphony card
  • An iCLOCK master clock (supplied by MUTEC GmbH)
  • New custom racks and a comprehensive bantam patchbay
  • Real Traps sound absorbers and additional custom acoustic panels
  • Repairs and modifications to the existing console, outboard and musical equipment
  • Logic Audio 7, Alitverb 5 and Mutron
  • Alesis ML-9600 CD mastering recorder - Oct 2008

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