Project Planning, Installation and Refurbishment


Mixing Desk

From consultation and preparation of detailed schematics, through to wiring, installing and commissioning we can make your audio/visual project a reality. We use high quality products, as we believe that a sound job is made by neither taking shortcuts nor by generating false economies through the use of cheap consumer hardware.

Our staff have experience with installation and technical support in some of the most prestigious recording studios and broadcast facilities in the UK. These include Trident Studios (St. Anne’s Court), The Recording Group (Audio One, Tape One & Copymasters) Air Studios (both Oxford Circus and Lyndhurst Hall), Marcus Studios and Real World Studios.

We also have experience in corporate and commercial installations such as:

Recording set up
  • Blockbusters
  • Virgin Megastores
  • JJB Sports
  • Waterstones
  • Asda
  • W H Smith
  • Our Price Records

We also have expertise in upgrades and refurbishment, including console commissioning, wiring, looms, patch bays and outboard equipment.
Recent projects have included numerous DAW installations along with networking solutions for shared data, remote drive storage and sound libraries.

Installation Costs


Due to the nature of installation work we have to cost each project on an individual basis.
It is therefore not possible to offer any kind of structured pricing examples as each job varies.
We will always endeavour to provide value for money and accommodate a client’s ideas whilst giving them pragmatic advice. In our experience companies offering cheaper solutions will often cut corners to achieve this.
If you would like quality installation work, done at a reasonable and transparent cost, then please Contact us for a discussion about how we can help meet your needs with a solution you can afford.