The Noiz Sound & Vision team


Geoff Pryce - Managing Director - B. Sc.(Biol), Dip. Ed.

Geoff is the Managing Director of Noiz Sound & Vision, a professional AV consultancy and integration company based in Bath, England.
The company provides services primarily to clients in the education, commercial, professional audio and broadcast sectors.
On moving to the UK in 1988, Geoff extended his experience in the field of electronics when he took up the position of electronic engineer at Trident Studios, situated just off Wardour Street in Soho. This move into audio service support in the professional audio and broadcast sectors was a continuation of his initial training in music-related electronics.
When Audio One Studios, on the original Trident Studios site finally closed, Geoff moved through a number of other large recording facilities based in London, the last being Air Lyndhurst, a multi-room facility in Hampstead where he was a senior technician. Air Lyndhurst boasted many high profile contemporary artists on it's roster and, in addition, recorded film scores (London Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras) and hosted a variety of events including the opening ceremony for the Princes Trust in 1992.
He left Air in 1994 to take up the position at Real World Studios. He spent 10 years in the position of Technical Manager at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, a multi-faceted AV complex in Box, Wiltshire.
He holds a Certified Technology Specialist accreditation from InfoComm International - an international governing body for standards and ethics within the A/V industry.


John Hillier-Smyth - Senior Consultant & Integrated Systems Designer

John is a central associate and business partner of Geoff Pryce at Noiz Sound & Vision, a relationship forged during their close collaboration on AV projects within the UK Government's Academy School's programme.

John began in the Audio-Visual business in the mid 90's working on projects with clients such as Microsoft, RAC, GCHQ, ECGD and Glamorgan University amongst others.
He continued to develop his skills in project management overseeing dozens of projects at Cardiff University, Bristol University, Warwick University amongst others, as well as a collection of mission critical installations at many military establishments around Britain and Europe, to this end he still maintains DVA clearance.

From 2007, John has worked alongside AV consultants as a leader of AV Integration teams at ten Academies as part of the UK government's drive to improve academic standards.

Having spent 18 years working for a small but dynamic and versatile company, he partnered with Noiz as a consultant and chief systems integration engineer. He has a broad set of skills ranging from PCB electronics and programming, through trade skills in mechanical and electrical engineering and on-site management, to specialist system consultancy, design and integration management. During this time he has created a network of professional associates in a wide variety of trades and businesses and has cultivated a reliable and dependable professional system of supply chains, associated machine agents and experienced service personnel.


Warren Smyth - Architectural / M&E Consultant

Warren has been involved in the field of audio-visual installations for over 30 years. Prior to him joining forces with Noiz S & V, he was the principal and founding partner of Westgate Systems, an A/V design and integration company that have worked extensively in education, commercial and military facilities both in the UK and abroad.
He has a background of electrical contracting which qualifies him in key areas of practical site liaison.


Peter Mather - Analogue Design Consultant / Chief Systems Integrator

Peter is our principal installation engineer. He has wide experience of installation works and has been with the company for 5 years. He is a fully qualified electronics engineer to HND level and has a keen eye for good analogue system design and implementation. He is a superb trouble shooter and always finds “the” solution.


Alex Smith - Robotics and mechanical consultant

Alex is also a key member of our SI team. He began a Bachelors of Engineering in Robotics and Automated Systems in 2007. With the knowledge he gained in both analogue and digital electronics, along with a passion for high fidelity audio, guitar effects and retro audio electronics he came to work for Noiz Electronics after his second year of study.
In 2011, Alex graduated from Plymouth University with a 1st class honours degree and came back to work for Noiz Electronics before starting study for a Ph.D. in adaptive motor control and assistive robotics back at Plymouth University. Alex still finds time to design high quality audio amplifiers and experiment with digital guitar effects.



Christopher Tranter - Assistant Technician / Facilitator

Chris began working with the company in a part time capacity whilst he was still at school in 2009 and has since been involved hands-on with several college and academy projects. He is an enthusiastic and competent team member who handles our logistics and on site liaison.