We are always looking for organisations to both collaborate, and develop partnerships with, that enable project teams to facilitate the delivery of cost effective and forward-thinking A/V systems in larger installations.

There is already substantial convergence between the IT and A/V disciplines seen in the significant crossover of technology in lighting, acoustics, and BEMS.

The development of A/V-specific objects for CAD libraries is moving at an increasing pace. Noiz supports these positive moves towards accurate representation of A/V elements into projects at the design stage.

Architects designing & modelling Smart buildings (using BIM software) need to include IT and A/V components to develop a truly accurate picture of building complexity and services incorporated in it.

RIBA CPD sessions for Architects


Noiz are offering a RIBA CPD training service for architects to facilitate the dissemination of A/V best practices and to encourage partnerships in business and design where A/V systems are now becoming increasingly embedded.

As a result, we often partner with experts in the following areas to provide consultancy and integrated solutions for larger projects.

  • Architects
  • Construction companies
  • M&E contractors
  • IT specialists
  • Acousticians
  • Luminaire providers
  • BEMS and automated systems suppliers

Please contact us for further details through our Contact page.